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Dentistry divided – NHS dentists substantially more unhappy than private.

The results from the latest NHS Confidence Monitor survey have painted a stark picture of a deep gulf between the happiness levels of NHS dentists compared to private dentists. The former overwhelmingly said they were unhappy in response to every question asked about their working life.

In contrast, the vast majority of those working in private practice said they were happy. And, whilst these results may not be that surprising to anyone who has caught even a glimpse of the headlines about the NHS (both specifically in relation to dentistry and also the wider healthcare system) over recent months, they are still shocking.

This is the fifth time that Practice Plan has run the survey, which closed in July, but it is the first time private dentists have been included, enabling a comparison between the two. More than 400 principal and associate dentists were asked about how happy they felt about seven aspects of their professional life, from remuneration to working hours and job satisfaction.

Private dentists were asked about their happiness now compared to when they were working in the NHS.

Patient care and expectations

When asked how happy they were that they could provide the level of care they wanted to, 81% of NHS dentists said they were unhappy (responding either unhappy or very unhappy), 90% also said that they did not have enough time to manage patient expectations.

Private dentists were asked how happy they were that they could provide the level of care they wanted to – 92% said they were happier (including 76% who were ‘much happier’). The same percentage also said they were happier about how much time they had to manage patient expectations.

Overly stressed and unfairly remunerated

A huge majority of NHS dentists, 91%, did not feel they were fairly remunerated and 89% felt unable to carry out the work they do without feeling overly stressed. Given that combination, it is unsurprising that 85% do not feel the level of job satisfaction they would like to.

Again, the results showed a complete contrast to the experience of private dentists; with 85% happier about the remuneration they receive, 81% happier about being able to work without feeling overly stressed, and 89% happier about the level of job satisfaction they can achieve.

Work versus life

NHS dentists were slightly less unhappy about their working hours and their ability to achieve a good work/life balance, with 69% saying they weren’t happy about their hours and 72% unhappy with their work/life balance.

However, the private dentists again said that they were happier with 82% declaring they were happy with their hours and 76% happy with their work/life balance.

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