National Smile month at our Private Dentist in Liverpool

Shocking research has revealed that nearly a third (31%) of 5-year-olds and nearly half (46%) of 8-year-olds in the UK have obvious tooth decay in their primary teeth. 

Also, it was found that, sadly, 35% of 12-year-old children are too embarrassed to smile or laugh due to tooth decay or missing teeth.

These dental health issues come down to many factors, including poor oral care habits and nutrition.  However, with the right support, they’re mostly preventable.

Looking after your oral health has other benefits too

New research has made a promising discovery for the continued health of millions of heart attack survivors globally, as looking after their oral health has been found to help their cardiovascular system recover.

The study found that bacteria which causes gum disease can also impair the healing and repair of arteries after a heart attack. The researchers believe that this impaired healing may be due to an enzyme produced by the bacteria that stops the body's immune cells from repairing the arteries.

By keeping their mouths healthy and free of gum disease, people who have suffered from a heart attack may be able to avoid further cardiovascular problems in the future.

No need to be nervous at our Private Dentist in Liverpool

New research has discovered that being afraid of the dentist can not only affect your oral health but can be seriously damaging to your overall quality of life. 

The study, published in the International Dental Journal, revealed that dental anxiety can heavily impact you psychologically and socially, leading to feelings such as shame, poor self-confidence and social isolation1

Key elements of social wellbeing, such as income and education, were also negatively affected by dental anxiety Those questioned were almost twice as likely to be on a lower income if they feared dental visits. Results also showed they were twice as likely to suffer from poor oral health.

Reputable, professional private dentist

Do not leave your oral hygiene to chance.  Make sure your oral health is looked after by a professional private dentist.  Our team of highly qualified private Dentists in Liverpool are long serving staff members with outstanding reputations.  We have experience in dealing with the most nervous of patients but you can be assured we will help you attain a beautiful white, bright smile.  We offer 0% finance on our private dental treatments so taking care of your smile has never been easier.  If you are looking for a Private Dentist, please contact us here and we will be happy to discuss your dental needs with you.

Our Liverpool Dentist provides professional dental care

It is so important to register with a reputable, professional Liverpool Dentist that you can trust your oral health with.  Our team of highly qualified dentists are dedicated to treating  all of our patients in a warm, friendly and caring manner, ensuring they can have a happy, healthy, confident Smile.

You can register with our Liverpool Dentist by contacting us here and ensuring that you get the best possible care for a healthy, bright smile.

The article below, compliments of the Independent, highlights why choosing an experienced dentist is really important.

Anti Wrinkle treatments at our Cosmetic Dentist

With the summer season fast approaching and many of us planning our summer holidays, now is a great time to invest in some non surgical ant wrinkle treatments. 

Give yourself a fresh face look and reduce the visible signs of fine lines with help from our Cosmetic Dentist. 

Our Liverpool Dental Practice offers the most advanced, most innovative non surgical cosmetic procedures available, for complete facial rejuvenation!

Our cosmetic Dentist offers a range of anti-wrinkle treatments guaranteed to improve not just your aesthetic appearance but your confidence too.  If you are looking for anti wrinkle treatments in Liverpool then you needn’t look any further than our Dental Practice in Liverpool.

More than a Private Dentist

Our Liverpool Dental practice offers more than just a Private Dentist experience, we offer  a wide range of cosmetic procedures too.  And our team of professional dentists will be happy to advise you on the best course of treatment to help you achieve optimum results.

From anti wrinkle treatments to Dental Veneers to Invisalign, we ensure we offer the very best cosmetic dentist procedures.  We offer interest free and low cost payment plans with Denplan to help you to spread the cost of your treatment. With our 0% Finance facility you pay the cost of your dental treatment - no more and no less. Interest-free means just that!

Denplan helps you Budget for your routine dental care and treatment by affordable monthly payments.  There are several plans available to you.

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