Statistics from Cancer Research UK show the number of people diagnosed with mouth cancer have soared by a third

Until now, smoking and excessive alcohol use have been associated with the disease, however, experts now say that it is HPV, which can be transferred through oral sex, that is largely responsible for the growing number of mouth cancers in the UK.

Every year more than 6,500 Brits are diagnosed with mouth cancer, with the disease taking in excess of 2,000 lives - more than testicular and cervical cancer combined.

Mouth cancer is one of the fastest increasing cancers and, with health leaders predicting that HPV will soon become the major cause of the disease; campaigners are calling for greater education about the sexually-transmitted disease.

Destructive childhood impacts on oral health

Negative experiences in childhood have been labelled a ‘toxic stress' on dental health, according to a new report.

Research published in the journal of Community Dentistry Oral and Epidemiology has provided strong evidence for reinforcing claims that socioeconomic factors have a divisive role to play in the health of children.1

Children exposed to adverse experiences were more than twice as likely to develop tooth decay and gum disease and suffer from conditions such as unfilled cavities, missing teeth and toothache, all of which can have serious implications for overall health.

25% off Botox when you book with a friend

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The importance of a visit to the hygienist

Even if you maintain a regular oral hygiene routine with brushing and flossing, potential problems can still arise that only a professional can spot.
At our Dental Practice Liverpool we have an expert team who will not only give you a thorough and complete oral examination but will also screen you for oral cancer as standard.
We recommend that our patients should come for a thorough examination every 3 to 6 months. Regular appointments ensure that any problems that may arise are treated as early as possible to avoid any unnecessary future discomfort. Our expert team consists of three highly skilled dental hygienists.

Are you bringing a chaperone?

Aigburth Dental Practice in Liverpool is committed to providing a safe, comfortable environment where patients and staff can be confident that we adhere to the British Dental Association guidelines in Infection Control are being followed at all times and the safety of everyone is of paramount importance.

All patients are entitled to have a chaperone present for any consultation, examination or procedure where they feel one is required. This chaperone may be a family member or friend. On occasions you may prefer a formal chaperone to be present, i.e. a trained member of staff.

Membership Schemes available

At our Dental Practice in Liverpool we offer Denplan membership schemes to help you budget for your routine dental care by affordable monthly payments. For further information on the complete range of treatments and services available at our Dental Practice in Liverpool, please click here or contact us.

A 100% Positive Review

On a patient's recent visit to our Dental Practice in Liverpool, they were so pleased with their treatment they left us a 100% positive review.

Our Dentist in Liverpool patient writes, "I was very pleased with the results and the price of my treatment. Lovely dentist, would recommend him to everyone."

We offer a wide range of General and Cosmetic Treatments including Teeth Whitening Liverpool and Botox Liverpool.

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A whiter smile helps boost your overall feeling of well being

If you want to keep your teeth as white as possible try cutting out itmes that can stain them. Wine, cigarette smoke, tea , coffe and alcahol can all lead to staining of the teeth. A beautiful white smile can help improve your overall feeling of well being.

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